History list overview

Quick overview of saved history list.

open history section

Click on History button on header.

Select folder

View tabs of selected folder.

Search input box

You can search and find tab from here. Everything is searchable i.e title,url,note & tags



Table head

Checkbox: Check the checkbox to select all tabs.

Delete icon: Select tab and click on delete icon to remove selected tabs.

Open-link icon:Select tab and click on open-link icon to restore selected tabs.


Tab Item

Checkbox: Check the checkbox to select current tab.

icon: Last page’s fevicon icon of current tab.

Title: Last page’s title of current tab.

Url: Last page’s url of current tab.

Tags: Last page’s tags of current tab.

Note:Note written by you on current tab (display on hover).


How to delete saved tabs

Select tabs by checking its checkbox and click on delete icon. delete-tabs