Extension Description

Tab History is only extension which saves your unlimited tab’s histories.

This extension do only one job but with perfection: Save and restore unlimited number of tabs’ histories.

Reason to install:

  • Unique approach to save unlimited tab history.
  • Save unlimited tabs, not limit to list 25 tabs.
  • Add tags to keep organized.
  • Add note for future reference
  • Choose folder for filtering and organizing.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for every action.
  • No tracking.
  • Pure & clean code that power fastest performance.
  • No third-party library used.
  • Cross devices sync.


Save tabs with its histories.

why mean of saving tabs if you don’t access its histories. Tab History let you save tabs with full navigation history.

Save unlimited number of tabs:

Yes,saving unlimited tabs’ history is possible. We don’t limit you to last 25 tabs. You can save unlimited number of tabs.

Add tags:

Adding tags on tabs for organizing & quick search.

Add note:

We often forget why I saved these tabs. why not take note before saving for quick memorization.

Organize into folder:

We usually browse web for different needs or purposes. Saving all tabs’ history in one location is total mess and we never find it when we need it. Separate your tabs’ history into folders and stay organized.

Secure cloud sync:

Sync your tabs between computers to keep your work organized, no matter how many devices you use or where they are. save tabs on one device and access them along with its histories on all devices without doing any extra steps.


This is a paid extension. 8$ yearly subscription fee that helps Tab History development and cost associated with third party services. Start your 30 days trial. no credit card required. Get more 30 days by referring your friends.